Boxiecat is a company founded by cat lovers who wanted to address the common issues associated with litter care. They were dissatisfied with crumbly clumps, dust clouds, and odors, and couldn't find a suitable solution on the market. In 2009, they decided to create their own litter product. Their efforts paid off, as Boxiecat litter is now widely used and recommended by veterinarians, with thousands of homes and shelters in all 50 states and worldwide embracing it.

Boxiecat aims to provide natural, long-lasting, and effective litter that resolves the major problems people encounter with litter care. In 2015, they expanded their product line to include all-natural and highly effective stain and odor removers, catering not only to cats but also to dogs. The company's mission is to benefit animals, people, and the planet, and they continuously strive to improve their products.

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