Urgent Need! ARLGP Community Pantry


The ARLGP’s community Pet Food Pantry is almost empty! Please help ARLGP stock their pantry shelves so they can continue to provide much-needed supplies to our community, ensuring pets are happy and healthy! 

Use code ARLGP10 for 10% off donated items and free delivery to their pantry

The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland is a high-adoption, open-admission facility. There is no time limit on an animal’s stay in their care. They do everything they can to ensure each animal has the opportunity for a new beginning, and provide them with the care, treatment, and time they require, before they find their new family.  ARLGP embraces animals who may have health challenges and with a little extra care can be re-homed. The guiding principle is always quality of life for the animal, even if it is obtained with support from medical treatment or diet. ARLGP is very committed to hospice and foster homes, so that each animal receives the love, compassion, and dignity it deserves.

At check out enter ARLGP (217 Landing Rd, Westbrook, ME 04092) for shipping destination, and choose 'Portland Delivery' for shipping method.

Delivery for donations is always FREE.

To make your donation go even further, enter promo code ARLGP10 to save 10% off your donation.

We will let them know the donation is from you....feel free to write a note in the Comments section at check out too!



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