FANCY FEAST Grain Free Pate Kitten Variety Case 24/3oz.

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Essential vitamins and minerals help support your kitten's health, and the smooth pate texture is easy for her to eat, giving her a delectable taste with every bite. This wholesome wet kitten food provides 100% complete and balanced nutrition, so you know she's getting the nutrition she needs to help her grow up strong and healthy. These delicious recipes are packaged in convenient pull-tab cans for easy serving. While she gets a gourmet dining experience, you get the comfort that comes from knowing your growing kitten is getting high-quality entrees backed by Purina's 95 years of innovation.


  • Real poultry or fish is the #1 ingredient for a protein-rich recipe your fur baby craves.
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens, so you can help her grow into a strong and healthy cat.
  • Made with real milk, which means she gets the calcium she needs.
  • Formulated to meet the needs of growing kittens with a smooth pate texture that makes it easier to feed.
  • Delicious recipes come in convenient pull-tab cans making it easier for you to serve her.
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