About Us.

We call ourselves The Fish & Bone because the closest-to-whole, most-natural food is what cats and dogs instinctively crave, and what they thrive on. 

We are geeky about pet food, so you don’t have to be. All of our foods and treats are hand-chosen….and many brands don’t make the cut. No artificial dyes, flavors or preservative and no by-products. Our brands use human grade whole named protein sources like chicken, beef, venison, lamb, pork, and fish. In our shops we talk a lot about pet food. We recommend frozen raw food for most pets because it’s minimally processed, nutritionally dense, and high in water content but here online, and in our shops, you’ll also find the best selection of freeze-dried raw, wet, dehydrated and dry pet foods available. 

But wait….don’t think for a minute that we’re too serious to have a good time! Take a look around and we’ll show you our favorite toys….and coats, sweaters, beds, collars, and other necessities. We’ve hand-picked them for your pets for their quality, function, durability, value and great design…ok maybe sometimes just because they are irresistibly fun. 

We support our local shelters year-round, and if you’re interested in helping too, you’ll find bins in our stores for donations, and opportunities throughout the year to donate online.

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