Dry Food

It's a myth that there is a 'best' brand of dog food for all dogs of all ages.  For most dogs, there's a wide range of 'best' foods, and rotating among several will give you the chance to see what your dog likes and responds to best. It's a basic rule of thumb that makes for a robust gut and immune system.

We recommend every dog mom & dad have at least three foods they know their dog likes and digests well.  Rotate foods several times a year. And if you prefer to stick to one brand, just rotate formulas. It helps to remember if you plan rotation with the change of seasons. But any time you rotate into a new food, just do it gradually over two weeks. Especially if you add a little helper like digestive enzymes or pumpkin, it should go pretty smoothly. We love talking pet food, so just reach out if you have any questions!

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