Training Treats

Get three levels of treats, in the smallest format (or break/cut into very small pieces). Your dog only needs a little bit as a reward, and the calories add up.

  • Low value: for capturing any good behavior.  Low-calorie, least expensive options like Charlee Bears, Fromm Crunchy O's. If you feed dry, pull aside some of the kibble from each meal to use for treats
  • Mid-value to reward important but not necessarily critical behaviors, like 'sit'. Bocce, Polka Dog training treats, Cloudstar Tricky Trainers. If you feed freeze-dried food, pull aside some for treats.
  • High value to ensure your dog's attention, like for potty or recall training. Freeze-dried hearts and lung, or freeze-dried anything. Some of our favorites: Fish & Bone Liver or Chicken Strips, Northwest Naturals, Zone Blue, Open Farm and Acana or Orijen Freeze-dried, Stella & Chewy's Wild Weenies
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