BOXIECAT Pro Crystal Probiotic Cat Litter 6 LB

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A non-toxic crystal litter with an added proprietary blend of Boxie® probiotics and MicroDry™ Odor Absorption Crystals that provide self-cleaning properties and trap odors for over a month.

  • Self-cleaning due to proprietary blend of probiotics, meaning your cat is stepping into a fresh litter box with every use.
  • 40-day odor control
  • Proprietary MicroDry™ Odor Absorption Crystals trap and neutralize odors
  • Easy Upkeep™ - only scoop solids, let the probiotics handle the rest!
  • Science-backed formulas
  • Transparent Ingredients (No Artificial Fragrances, No Fillers, No Preservatives)


  • Compared to chemical products, Boxie® Pro™ probiotics work for 24 hours to mitigate the cause of odor, instead of masking it.
  • Boxie® Pro™ contains a boosted blend of probiotics that deep cleans litter on a microscopic level 24/7, eliminating odor caused by bacteria and preventing cats from spreading unseen waste from the litter box to kitchen counters, beds, and other areas of the home.
  • Cleaner litter = cleaner paws = healthier cat and home. Each time your cat uses the litter box, the litter remains on their paws and is either tracked throughout your home (think couches, kitchen counters and beds) or it’s ingested by your furry friend during bath time. Boxie® Pro™ litters work 24/7, inside and outside the box, to eliminate waste, maintaining the cleanest and healthiest environment for you, your family and your pets.

A closer look:

  • 6 lb bag
  • Scent-free
  • Average duration of use for 1 cat = 1 month
  • Made in USA
  • View Ingredients

All our litter products have ultra-low dust:

  • No dust clouds when you pour
  • Healthy and good for cat and human allergies
  • No dust accumulating in your home
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