ZIPPYCLAWS Zippy Stick Cat Toy Bird

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This cat teaser wand toy has a plush, catnip-stuffed bird toy on the end that can be removed and changed with other plush cat toys or cat lures. You can even separate the bird from the cat wand and give it to your cat as a cuddle buddy or plush toy to play with!

For added entertainment for your feline friend, this cat wand boasts a tassel and adorable pom poms that your cat will love to play with. The wand itself is made with eco-friendly, durable bamboo wood material for a great alternative to other cat wands.


  • Cat teaser wand toy with a fun bird plush toy on the end
  • Features pom poms and a tassel on the string for extra fun for your cat
  • Plenty of addicting and irresistible catnip in the bird to entice your cat to play
  • Helps keep your cat entertained and an effective way to keep them active
  • Indulges and satisfies your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts and rewards them with lots of fun
  • Lobster claw on the end of the string to replace the plush toy or use with another cat lure
  • Eco-friendly and durable bamboo wood wand - a great alternative to traditional wand toys
  • Bird is filled with fluff for gentle play and cuddles
  • Ideal for all cats to enjoy
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