ZIPPYCLAWS Burrow Snakes in Cactus

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This cat puzzle game features a cactus with one opening to hide the two included plush and fuzzy snakes inside the cactus for your cat to find. Each plush Miniz Snake toy has plenty of catnip hidden inside to help entice your cat to play! The snakes have a fuzzy texture and wiggly shape that your cat will love to bat, paw, and kick - great to use separately for multi-cat homes.


  • Interactive hide-and-seek puzzle toy for cats featuring a cactus Burrow and 2 fuzzy snakes!
  • Plush Miniz Snakes are filled with catnip to engage your cat in exciting playtime
  • Helps keep your cat entertained for longer and adds more challenging fun to their day
  • One opening in cactus to hide the snakes inside for your cat to find
  • Furry snakes with wiggly body shape that cats love to play with
  • Can be used with other ZippyClaws Burrows and Miniz Toys
  • Snakes can be played with separately - great for multi-cat homes
  • Great for all cats to enjoy
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