ZIPPYCLAWS NomNomz Milk Tea and Taro

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This 2-pack plush catnip cat toy set features two bubble teas in different “flavours”, both stuffed with fluff and filled with catnip for gentle, rewarding playtime or naptime for your cat. These toys are great to use for batting and kicking play and are excellent gifts for multi-cat homes. You can even attach them to a cat wand like the ZippyClaws ZippyStick for varied, exciting play for your cat!


  • Interactive 2-pack plush catnip toy set for cats featuring bubble tea!
  • Loop on the top of the toy to attach to cat teaser wands like the ZippyClaws ZippyStick
  • Soft plush cat toys filled with fluff for gentle play and cuddles
  • Great to use for batting and kicking fun for your cat
  • Each toy includes catnip to reward your pet’s fun
  • Ideal for all cats to enjoy and great for multi-cat homes!
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