PRESTON AZ Flag Dog Collar

Article number: PLP-Clr-FB-T-S 1.25i
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All Preston pet products are made with durable nylon webbing. Collars feature Delrin Acetal side release buckles for ease of fastening and separating and solid nickel plated “D” rings for strength. Preston manufactures all of their pet products in Ipswich, Massachusetts. All widths are easily adjustable; 1 1/4″ Wide Dog Collars are available in 4 sizes, S - XL. 3/4″ Narrow collars are available in 3 sizes, XS - M. 1/2" Extra Narrow collars are available in 2 sizes, XS & XXS.


XXS (7-10"); Extra Narrow 1/2"
XS (9-13"); Extra Narrow 1/2"
XS (10-15”); Narrow 3/4”
S (11-18”); Narrow 3/4”
S (11-18”); Wide 1 1/4”
M (12-20”); Narrow 3/4“
M (12-20”); Wide 1 1/4”
L (15-24”); Wide 1 1/4”
XL (18-28”); Wide 1 1/4”

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