When Preston is mentioned, think of a company that uses ribbons to make very colorful products for people and their pets. We design our ribbons with the help of our many customers, friends, and family and have them manufactured to our specifications. We have over 190 designs, many in three widths.

Preston ribbons demonstrate an artist’s attention to detail, clarity of design, and reality of subject. A Dragon Fly should look like a Dragon Fly. You should be able to count 50 stars on the American Flag. And dog bones should look like a peppermint stick or holiday ornament. Preston is unique because our difference is in the details.

The Preston ribbon collection has been assembled for people and their pets. Many of our ribbon designs are intended for multiple products, from dog and cat collars or leads and belts and canvas bags. If we make a ribbon, it is available on any of our products. As a manufacturer we strive to make our designs clean, our workmanship precise, and our prices affordable. We may not be your largest vendor, but we strive to be your best.

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