PEARHEAD Santa Cat Teaser Toy

$6.99 $3.49
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The Santa Cat Teaser is a fun and interactive toy designed to keep your feline friend entertained during the holiday season


  • Playtime with your furry friend has never been so fun and adorable! This holiday Santa cat teaser by Pearhead is sure to quickly become a favorite go-to for pet owners and their fun-loving cats

  • Includes one wooden wand with plush Santa Claus toy and 8 long leather tassels

  • This pet toy is perfect for cats and kittens of any age and size; cat parents will love the hours of play time this adorable cat toy is sure to provide

  • This ribbon teaser cat accessory is the perfect cat gift, new kitten gift, pet adoption gift, pet owner gift, cat owner gift, stocking stuffer or Christmas gift!

  • Wand: 18”H, including plush; Plush: 2.8”W x 3.7”H x 1.3”D; Ribbons: 11.8”H

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