NOTHIN' TO HIDE Ultra Knotted Bone Chicken 3in 12 count

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Nothin' to Hide is made with your dog in mind by Fieldcrest Farms, a family owned and operated company. At Fieldcrest Farms they believe in finding new ways to make pet chews, bringing healthy alternatives that are easy on the digestive system to many of your pets favorite treats!

Nothin' to Hide Highlights:

  • Nothin' to Hide Chews are 96% digestible
  • Chewing aides in keeping teeth and gums healthy
  • Curated with real collagen to support a healthy skin and coat
  • Family owned and operated

Ingredients: Beef Gelatin, beef, tapioca, vegetable glycerin, sorbic acid (preservative).

GTD Analysis: Crude Protein75% min Crude Fat1% min Crude Fiber2% max Moisture14% max

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