NINA OTTOSSON Amaze Ball Puzzle Treat Ball Dog Toy

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Featuring a treat ball, a tennis ball, and a maze ball for a problem-solving challenge and extended play, this puzzle ball keeps your dog busy and mentally stimulated for unrivaled dog enrichment. As a treat-dispensing dog toy, it is a true boredom buster that will keep your dog busy and entertained, perfect for nose work, scent games, and tapping into natural instincts. What's more, the mental stimulation achieved when solving dog puzzles benefits the body and the mind – just 15 minutes of mental stimulation for dogs is equal to 30 minutes of physical activity. Your dog will exercise while they play, achieve the sensory activation they crave, and release their animal instincts as they "hunt" and forage for dog treats. This helps your dog release stress, channel energy, and minimize boredom-induced behaviors. The A-Maze Ball can also be used with a standard 2.5" tennis ball or Outward Hound's medium-sized Squeaker Ballz dog tennis balls. This Level 2 puzzle is fun for all dogs, regardless of age, size, or breed.


  • Level 2 intermediate dog puzzle is great for pets with little to no puzzle experience; Involves multiple one-step actions.
  • Helps reduce dog anxiety and redirect unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, chewing, and digging in a fun and exciting way.
  • Includes a tennis ball and a treat Ball Compatible with 2.5-inch tennis balls.
  • Provides mental stimulation for dogs; 15 minutes of mental stimulation is equal to 30 minutes of physical activity.
  • Three toys in one with multiple ways to play; Dogs roll the a-maze Ballto remove the smaller balls, then roll the treat Ballto release treats; Check out our tips & tricks for ways to make the game easier or harder for your pet.
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