PLANET DOG Double Snoop Dog Toy

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This two-in-one dog treats toy offers mental stimulation for dogs as they work to release treats. Easily fill this stuffable dog toy with dog treats to keep your dog entertained as they bounce and rolls it to release the tasty rewards. The Double Snoop is mint-scented to help freshen breath and made with durable material designed to be gentle on dogs' teeth. This durable dog toy is both entertaining and free from BPA, lead, and phthalates to ensure a worry-free play experience. Cleaning is a breeze, allowing for hassle-free maintenance. Elevate your dog's playtime with the Outward Hound Double Snoop – a multifunctional, interactive dog toy that promises lasting enjoyment, dog enrichment, and a healthy dose of fun.


  • Durable dog toy and interactive dog treat stuffer all-in-one; Provides mental stimulation for dogs.
  • Made from durable material that is tough yet gentle on dogs’ teeth.
  • Free from BPA, lead, and phthalates; Easy to clean
  • Stuff with dog treats to keep dogs busy; Dogs roll and bounce the dog toy to release the treats
  • Mint scented to help freshen breath


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