CATSTAGES Twist A Ball Track Green

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This three-in-one convertible cat ball track offers three distinct ways to play. Use it as a standing cat ball track with the base on for bat n' swat fun. Remove the base, and you have a rolling ball track for dynamic play that keeps your cat active, engaged, and entertained. Convert it into an infinity track by simply twisting your hands in opposite directions until the ball clicks, providing a mesmerizing and never-ending play experience. But what truly sets this cat track apart is the continuous movement of two balls throughout the tracks. They gracefully stay within the track despite the batting and swatting your cat may perform, ensuring endless interactive play. This is not just a toy; it's a customizable play experience for the cat who demands a true challenge. With three ways to play, the Catstages Twist-A-Ball Track Convertible Cat Track is a testament to versatility and innovation in feline entertainment. Let your picky cat take a go at it and watch the bat, swat, and chase games begin!


  • Convertible cat Track with three ways to play; Purrfect for the cat that craves a challenge.
  • Converts into an infinity track with a simple twist and click.
  • Not compatible with cat stages replacement balls for cat track toys 6PK.
  • Remove the base to create a rolling Balltrack and embrace the Chase.
  • Two balls Movecontinuously throughout the tracks; Balls stay within the track for endless play.


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