MEOWIJUANA Get Kickin' Refillable Rainbow Kicker

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This soft, moon-shaped toy is made of durable materials, ensuring your pal’s new best friend keeps him company for seasons to come. Plus, it is refillable, so you never need to worry about your kitty’s stash losing its scent or potency—simply refill it with the included tube of unadulterated, non-addictive ‘nip. This adorable catnip toy is paw-fect for alleviating your pal’s anxiety and boredom, while also keeping him healthy with essential mental and physical stimulation—toss this toy and watch him fly after it! Get the pawty started every other day to ensure your pal—whether he is a naive kitten or a wizened feline overlord—has a positive, relaxing reaction to that sweet, sweet grass every time he encounters it.


  • This adorable moon-shaped catnip toy is refillable so you can keep the ‘nip pawty rolling.
  • Provides your fur baby with an exciting way to alleviate anxiety and boredom, while also keeping him healthy through physical and mental stimulation.
  • Made with durable material and constructed to provide your pal with fun for seasons to come.
  • This strong ‘nip toy can be given to cats of all ages every other day to make sure they have a positive reaction each time they encounter it.
  • Includes a tube of non-addictive catnip with no added ingredients that can harm your fur baby.


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