MEOWIJUANA Jump N' Jamb Deep Sea Squid Refillable Catnip Toy

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This hanging door frame toy has a cool catnip pocket on the side, so you can tuck in all the stimulating herb your kitty wants. Just fill it up, clamp the sturdy coated hanger onto your door frame, and watch your cats dive in deep with this sassy sea squid. The elastic cord adjusts to fit any size door and a break-away clip helps keep your kitty safe. The cord is adjustable to fit any size play area and is sturdy enough for even the craziest of paw-tiers. Your cat will have oceans of fun with this toy!


  • Simply set up the toy and watch your kitty fly – your cat will entertain herself!
  • The elastic cord can be adjusted to fit any size door frame and your cat's height.
  • Refresh your refillable toy before every play session to encourage your feline friend to keep playing.
  • The elastic cord features a break-away clip to help keep your kitty safe – but don't forget to supervise your furry friend during play.
  • The toy is safe for walls and door frames and shouldn’t scratch or damage them if used properly.
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