Humunga Lips

Article number: MOO-hmgL
Availability: In stock

Kiss your other toys goodbye! Remember those wacky wax lips you used to play with as a kid? Now, Fifi can get in on the fun…except this kisser is a cherry-scented (yum!) rubber fetch toy. It’s a ball on one end and gigantic luscious lips on the other. When your pooch picks up the ball in a game of fetch, your “Angelina Jolie wannabe” can now be as pouty and pursed as her celebrity crush! Woof!

  • Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber; the ball is hollow with a hole in the back.
  • Mini - Ideal for 5-25lbs 
  • Junior - Ideal for 25-65 lbs
  • Large - Ideal for 65+ lbs
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