Humunga Lips Mini

Article number: MOO-HMGS
Availability: In stock

DOG Humunga Lips Mini is a hilarious dog toy that will have both you and your furry friend entertained. Learn more about this fun and quirky toy that will make your dog look like they have giant lips.

  • WORLD'S FUNNIEST DOG TOY! High-quality fetch toy that gives your dog giant cartoon lips! Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber
  • IT'S A BALL AND LIPS ALL IN ONE! a must-have for every dog (and dog owner) with a good sense of humor!
  • PERFECT FOR PHOTO OPS and cracking up the entire neighborhood
  • This is a size Mini (Ideal for small dogs 5-25 lbs.). This is a FETCH toy, not a chew toy
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