HUGGLEKAT Playkat Interactive Cat Toy

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With its 3 play modes: mellow, simple, and active, even the most finicky feline will frolic with PlayKat™ ball.  You can connect to the toy using Bluetooth control via the Tuya Smart app built for iOS or Android smartphones.  PlayKat™ ball is smart enough to help you find the toy using the Find My PlayKat™ functionality.


  • PlayKat™ ball with motor, replacement shell cover, detachable bell, instruction manual, Type-C USB charging cable.
  • PlayKat™ ball can connect to the Tuya Smart app via Bluetooth for even more interactive playtime.
  • PlayKat™ ball can switch between 3 play modes to suit your cat's personality and play style: Mellow (blue), Simple (purple), and Active (red).

Care instructions:

The PlayKat™ ball's shell is made from hard silicone, which can collect dirt and hair during play. Follow these steps to clean the shell:

1. Open the PlayKat™ toy and remove the motor.

2. Use warm water and non-toxic soap or detergent.

3. Gently scrub the shell with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or residue.

4. Allow the shell to dry completely before replacing the motor.

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