PETSAFE Cheese Cat Toy

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This interactive toy has two mice that pop out of each side of a block of Swiss cheese, enticing your cat to hunt and pounce. The Play While You Are Away mode keeps your kitties engaged throughout the day by turning itself on and off, for a total play time of 45 minutes over the course of six hours. Ensure your cats don’t get bored while you’re at work, out on the town or just unable to play all day.


  • This toy has two mice that play peek-a-boo from either side of a block of cheese.
  • Timer automatically turns the toy off after 15 minutes during single play sessions to preserve battery.
  • Play While You Are Away mode plays one session every two hours for a total of 45 minutes of play over six hours.
  • Rubber feet keep the toy from sliding around the floor while your cats pounce and bat at the mice.
  • Just requires three AA batteries, which aren’t included, for hours of fun for you and your cat.


  • Press the power button and hold down for three seconds until the Cheese beeps 3 times.
  • The toy will play through 1 session, then automatically shut off after 15 minutes.
  • The toy will do this again in 2 more hours and another 2 more hours after that, then Play While You Are Away mode is complete.

Total play time is 45 minutes over 6 hours.

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