CATSTAGES 2 in 1 Treat Cat Toy Spinning Fish

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 Designed for the sophisticated cat who craves a challenge, this spinning treat toy offers not one, but two ways to play. Whether your feline prefers a solo adventure or wants to add some thrill to their cat ball track, this orange fish treat dispenser is ready for action. The removable base lets your cat indulge in standalone play or seamlessly click the toy into select Catstages cat tracks – the Tower of Tracks and Infinity Ball Track – for an extra challenge and leveled-up entertainment. It's like having a personal playground tailored to your cat's preferences – because they're worth it, and they certainly know it. 


  • Two-in-one spinning treat toy for cats
  • Two ways to play:fun on its own or add it to select Catstages cat ball tracks for a challenge your cat craves
  • Removable base allows for standalone or cat track play
  • Tits 1/2 cup of dry cat treats or kibble
  • Tith a paw or a swat, cats spin the toy to release the cat food into the bowl for convenient snacking

Product Specifications:

Dims: 5.9" H x 6.1" L x 5.9" W

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