CATSTAGES 2 in 1 Flutter Toy Cat Toy and Cat Ball Track Topper

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This interactive cat toy offers multiple ways to play – bat n' swat fun on its own or elevate the challenge by adding it to select Catstages cat ball tracks such as the Tower of Tracks and Infinity Ball Track. The removable base allows for standalone play or seamlessly clicks the toy into Catstages cat tracks for leveled-up entertainment and the mental stimulation your cat craves. It's all about giving your cat the power to choose their adventure – because they're the boss. Teasing feathers and colorful, bouncy bugs are strategically added to the spring toy to entice your cat to bat and swat. Plus a clear cover on the spring protects kitty claws from getting caught. The 2-in-1 Flutter Toy cat toy and cat ball track topper is a revolution in feline entertainment: multiple ways to play, more bang for your buck, and the playtime challenge your cat has been asking for.


  • two-in-one bouncy cat spring toy
  • two ways to play:fun on its own or add it to select Catstages cat ball tracks for a challenge your cat craves
  • removable base allows for standalone or cat track play
  • teasing feathers and colorful bugs entice cats to bat and swat
  • clear cover on spring protects kitty claws from getting caught

Product Specifications:

Dims: 4.6" H x 11.5" L x 5.0" W

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