At Huxley & Kent, the goal is to develop fun, fashionable, and functional pet products that are unique to the industry. Some of the products solve problems or fill a need, and others are just plain fun!

We love what we do and the joy that it brings to people and their pets. There’s a lot to laugh about when you’re designing a fun dog toy or bow tie—and that’s why I love this business. Plus, I can work with a dog on my lap.

One of the proudest accomplishments is the national outreach program, the Huxley & Kent Rescue Fund, which helps put money into the hands of the local, pet-related non-profits. Each month, we select one retailer at random and ask them where they would like us to donate within their community. And each month we get to see an amazing local charity group that works tirelessly for the benefit of the pets and wildlife. To see the efforts of these grassroots community campaigns is a truly humbling experience and has become my favorite part of the business.

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