Fuzzu Toys

We design FUZZU toys with original artwork that's colorfully printed onto durable fabric. This distinctive style is blended with the unique brand of humor. Original packaging with a whimsical illustrated story is an added enhancement of each toy. 

FUZZU has deep roots in the pet industry. Fat Cat co-founders Anne and John Lika were early industry innovators, re-inventing pet toys through their understanding of how pets play and what makes people laugh.   

Sarah-Lee Terrat began designing Fat Cat toys in 2004. As a children's book illustrator and professional muralist (and one of Ben & Jerry's original designers), she brought her own fresh approach to pet toy design.

FUZZU launched their first line of toys, Presidential Parody including Hillary, Donald and Bernie toys in 2016 through a successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Since then FUZZU has added many additional lines of non-political cat and dogs toys, taking pet toy design and storytelling to the next level of entertainment.   

Created with originality, colorful detail, durability, quality materials and an irresistible sense of humor, FUZZU toys are for pets and for you!

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