BENEBONE Bacon Zaggler Dog Chew

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This rolling chew toy zig zags when your pup gives it a push for sessions of unpredictable fun. And when the chase is over, your furry friend can easily grab onto the raised design, making this toy more attractive than traditional flat bone shapes. The durable nylon chew toy is made in the USA and has 100% real flavor from real bacon for long-lasting, irresistible chewing. Plus, giving your dog an outlet to run and chew can help you keep your furbaby safe and satisfied—and your shoelaces in one piece!

  • Round roller toy zig zags when your pup gives it a push for unpredictable chasing fun!
  • Delivers a wag-worthy flavor from 100% USA-sourced real bacon that's fused all the way through the chew.
  • Made in the USA, including all packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing.
  • Benebone is a brand you can feel good about since they are dedicated to the welfare of dogs through community involvement and product donations.
  • Helps satisfy your pup’s natural urge to chew, promoting relaxation and discouraging chewing on your favorite furniture or shoes.


Nylon and Real Bacon


Size    Suggested Pet Size    Dimensions    Weight
Tiny    Under 15 lbs    4.3 in x 1.8 in    2.0 oz
Small    Under 30 lbs    5.5 in x 2.0 in    4.3 oz
Medium    Under 60 lbs    6.8 in x 2.5 in    6.8 oz
Large    Under 90 lbs    7.5 in x 2.8 in    9.7 oz
Giant    Over 90 lbs    8.8 in x 3.0 in    13.8 oz

Always choose the largest product your dog can handle, even if you have a dog rated for the smaller size.

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