FISH & BONE Scented Bully Stick

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Our Low Odor bully sticks are our most affordable from open range US and South American cattle, with low odor and lots of natural flavor. Bully sticks are the most popular chew in our stores. Why are bully sticks so great, you ask?

Bully sticks are a single protein chew, made from just one single ingredient....and even dogs with beef sensitivies seem to be fine with them.  Like all of our edibles, they are completely free of additives, including dyes, preservatives and flavors.  

They don't splinter, they just wear down gradually as your dog chews.

Dogs love them.  Bull pizzle or bull penis is an organ muscle, so dogs are instinctually drawn to them.

Bully sticks are great for all life stages, even safe for puppies (just be sure to take any chew away when it become small enough to swallow).

And, they last a good long time!  


100% bull pizzle

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