ZEE.DOG Cat Carrier Bag Polo

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 It is lined with an anti-tear material and has a mesh screen all around the bag that allows your cat to look outside. The base of the carrier is removable and has two different textures. This cat carrier bag comes with a leash attached to provide additional safety when traveling with your cat. 

* Always confirm with your airline about specific sizing permitted on their planes. 


  • Cat travel carrier bag designed for your cat's comfort whenever they travel
  • Ripstop mesh all around the bag giving your cat ventilation and 360 degree visibility to the outside
  • Two pockets on the outside for travel documents or other essentials
  • Built-in leash (17.7 in / 45 cm) that can be attached to a harness or vest. This ensures your cat is always secure in the travel bag
  • Removable base that has two different sides - a waterproof surface or a fleece side
  • Snap button closure on the top to clip the handles together
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