YEOWWW Cat Toy Catnip Daisy Flower Tops Pink

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The double-sided center is made from our classic sturdy twill fabric on the front and a soft, plush faux fur on the back side. Then it’s filled to bursting with our own premium, organic leaf-and-flower-top catnip blend – no fillers to interfere with its potency. The silky yet crinkly petals flutter in the breeze of kitty’s excited tail. Flower Tops will be sold individually and come in three colors: white, blue, and pink. And best of all, these beautiful blooms are available year round!


  • Dual-textured Design - Featuring a double-sided center crafted from our durable twill fabric on one side and luxuriously soft plush faux fur on the other, offering a symphony of tactile experiences for your cat.
  • Premium Catnip Infusion - Bursting with our exclusive blend of premium, organic catnip sourced from top-quality leaves and flowers, ensuring maximum potency and enjoyment for your pet without any added fillers.
  • Silky-Crinkly Petals - The petals, silky to the touch yet delicately crinkly, dance in the breeze created by your cat's playful tail, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.
  • Variety of Colours - Available in three delightful colors – white, blue, and pink – to suit every cat's personality and preference, adding a touch of charm to your home decor while keeping your cat entertained.
  • Made in the USA with American-grown catnip.
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