VETRESKA Chroma Pet Bed Red

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This stylish pet bed combines fashion and function, featuring a multi-colored beechwood stand that's not only sturdy but also adds a pop of charm to any room. The vibrant 900D polyester oxford cloth surface is as cozy as it is cute, promising a restful sleep for your furry companion. The elevated design promotes better airflow, reduces pressure on joints, and ensures improved hygiene by keeping your pet off the floor. Assembly is a breeze, and the use of durable materials, including the beechwood and 900D polyester oxford cloth, guarantees a long-lasting, stylish haven for your beloved pet.

Treat them to the ultimate in style and comfort with the VETRESKA Chroma Elevated Pet Bed!

  • Stylish Design - The multi-colored beechwood stand and two adorable pattern options, Red and Pink Dots or Yellow and White Plaids, add a playful and stylish touch to your home decor.
  • Elevated Comfort - This pet bed's raised design ensures optimal comfort by reducing pressure on joints, making it perfect for dogs and cats of all ages.
  • Improved Airflow - The elevated platform provides better airflow around your pet's body, preventing overheating and ensuring a restful sleep.
  • Hygienic Sleeping - By keeping your pet off the floor, this bed promotes improved hygiene, especially in hot and humid weather, or for pets with allergies or sensitivities to dust and dirt.
  • Spacious and Cozy - The generous size of the bed offers ample room for your pet to stretch out, relax, and enjoy a spacious sleeping spot.
  • Durable and Scratch-Resistant - The 900D polyester oxford cloth is not only cozy but also durable, making it resistant to scratches and wear, ensuring that it can withstand the antics of even the most playful pets.
  • Easy Assembly - Setting up the bed is a breeze, ensuring that your pet can enjoy their stylish and cozy sleeping spot in no time.

Suitable For:  Cats and small to medium sized dogs.

Care Instructions: To maintain durability, please avoid exposing the pet bed to direct sunlight. Use a vacuum cleaner or a lint roller to remove dust or pet hair. For surface stains, it is recommended to use a brush or soft cloth with water for spot cleaning.

Product Size:  L28.1 x W22 x H8.9in (L71.4 x W55.9 x H22.6m).

Product Weight: 8.2lbs

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