USA Town Leather Collar 3/4 in

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These collars are made with quality top grain bridle leather with beveled and hand finished edges for comfort. Assembled with solid hardware, smooth capped rivets, all with a bright nickel finish.

A simple and practical dog collar that still makes a statement, even after more than 70 years. Available in sizes for the smallest puppy to all but the largest dog. This a great starter collar. (In both pink and blue, you can easily identify who’s who in the litter.)

Proudly Made in the USA!

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Bridle Leather

Quality full-grain bridle leathers are some of the most durable leathers available. If wet or soiled, leather should be allowed to air dry. (Never dry your collar or leash in direct heat!) Once dry, gently clean using a damp cloth.

To nourish and help repel dirt and oils, treat the leather with a light coating of a product such Leather BriteTM conditioner or a neutral-colored leather balm. Apply according to the product's instructions.

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