Turbo Feather Cat Toy

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Welfare Wish List item! 

Please consider supporting homeless animals by purchasing this item for donation, and we'll deliver it for free.  To donate, place in your cart and specify which organization you'd like it delivered to at checkout. 


Turbo Feather Flips provide hours of playful fun and exercise and stimulate the natural instinct to hunt. 

| Kate 22-10-2022 21:21

We have a 23 week old kitten, and from the moment she came home with us, this has been*by far* her favorite toy (and she has a LOT of toys to choose from). She will play, and play, and play with it, flipping it in the air and skittering across the floor with it. It has completely captured her imagination. We are on our fourth toy now, as she starts with removing the feathers, and eventually “disembowels” them. Best $2.69 you can spend to make a kitten happy.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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