TRIXIE Cat Activity Junior Snack & Play Kitten

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This type of play and exercise trains your kitten’s dexterity by solving small tasks in order to get the snack with their paws or mouths. When they work hard, they want to play just as hard. The rocking toy with a rotating ball and playful pom pom on a spring provides hours of fun. Incorporating a bit of playful discovery into mealtime, the snack and play is outfitted with 4 food tubes, simply add a bit of kibble and watch your curious kitty search for the rest!

  • Win-Win - snacktime and playtime is every kitten’s dream
  • Let's Get Physical - This interactive snack toy promotes important daily exercise and mental stimulation kittens need
  • The Chase - Paw sized openings are purr-fect for swatting, batting, and chasing; help satisfy hunting instincts at every turn
  • Easy Cleanup - removable treat tubes unscrew for easy cleaning; place on the top rack of the dishwasher
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