TRAVEL CAT True Adventurer Leash & Harness Set 90's Cat

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Get out your mood ring, your rollerblades and your cd player, here come those '90s vibes!  Your best fur kitty will be livin' the viva loca as safe as pawsible in this limited edition harness in 90's pattern with bright yellow interior and shiny black hardware.

This Travel Cat harness has two ways to adjust. From its velcro fastener and plastic adjustable clips on both sides, you can make it comfy and have room for your kitty to grow. The reflective strip enables you and others to safely spot your fur baby from afar, even when it starts to get dark. The strong nylon leash is the purrfect length (4 ft.) to let your cat explore while you’re still in full control. 

 The sturdy snap clip is constructed with premium quality metal alloy and features a 360-degree rotation that adjusts to your cat’s every move. Pair this harness with any cat backpack - all backpacks have a clip on the inside you can use to attach one.

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