TALL TAILS Treat Bone Chew Large 7 inch

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Ideal for dogs who to chew and chomp, add some yummy treats through its adjustable clamp design to securely hold their favorite treats for even more fun! Twist to adjust and tighten treat sticks securely in place. This helps reduce choking hazards associated with the small nubs leftover after chewing. The additional treat trough can hold spreadable and wedged treats and be placed in the freezer for a longer-lasting treat.


  • 7" long-lasting chew toy for dogs
  • Adjustable clamp design securely holds their favorite treats
  • Easy shape for dogs to hold and chew
  • Steamed-in bacon scent for hours of chew fun
  • Ideal for dogs who love to chew and chomp
  • Dishwasher top rack safe¬†
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