SUCK US Cat Scratcher Laptop

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Fold together the cat scratcher cardboard pieces and let your cat do the rest. The cat cardboard scratcher comes with a removable desktop wallpaper, so you can replace it with your own backgrounds and a small toy mouse. Keep cats from scratching furniture with the cool cat scratchers for indoor cats & cat scratch furniture protector. Comes complete with illustrated, easy to follow instructions. The perfect kitty toys for indoor cats & scratching pads for indoor cats that won't bore your furry friends. A fully functional laptop design by Suck UK, makers of the greatest gifts on earth! Dimensions: 8.86 x 12.99 x 10.63 inches | 0.785 lbs

  • Unleash your cats work ethic with this cat scratching board laptop - a novelty cat post alternative that has removable laptop wallpapers & toy mouse for working kitties. A cat scratching post for large cats & small
  • Suitable for cats & kittens of all ages. Don't let your cat flap about in frustration - the ideal scratching board for cats who need some entertainment. Cat scratch pads for indoor cats & a cat corner scratcher for active felines¬†
  • Protect furniture from cat scratching with the cat furniture protector cat pad & cat scratcher box. Keep your sofa pristine and away from sharp claws as they play with their new cat scratcher post
  • Cat pads that help keep claws strong, healthy & off your sofa! Turn the cute cat scratching post into a desk job and give them a cat scratch post for indoor cats they'll really get their claws into
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