SMALL BATCH Frozen Rabbit Sliders Cat Food 3lb

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Small Batch takes great pride in their sourcing, using wonderful local farms and ranches. strive to only use meats that are free-range, pasture raised and always free of hormones and antibiotics. Their produce is 100% certified Organic and their supplements are always pure, organic, and unrefined. No HPP (high pressure pasteurization) always 100% raw, the way nature intended.



Ingredients: rabbit including bones, rabbit hearts, rabbit livers, rabbit kidneys, rabbit lungs, salmon oil, organic dandelion greens, organic apple cider vinegar, organic kelp, organic bee pollen, organic barley grass, organic cranberries

Nutritional Analysis:


Moisture (max): 69.2% 

Crude Protein (min):20.7% 

Crude Fat (min): 5.5% 

Crude Fiber (max): 0.5% 

Ash (max): 4.9% 

Calcium (min):0.8% 

Phosphorus (min): 0.5%



| Bonny 23-08-2021 16:06

This is a really good product. My friend's cats, who are picky eaters, adored this. For those who have a kitty with food allergies, be aware that Small Batch Sliders for cats contains fish oil. I found this out the hard way. I have a Siamese kitty with food allergies, limiting the animal sources I can use. I decided to try this, because the company that makes the food my cat normally eats is being a real pain, yet again. My kitty really did love it. Unfortunately, after a few days, she became a really itchy kitty. It's my fault that I scanned, but did not read, the ingredients list. The Fish and Bone offered to take it back--which was kind and unexpected. I've held a ServSafe and know something about safe raw meat handling. My home is not a commercial kitchen, so under health and safety rules, I knew the bags shouldn't be resold. So, I gave two sealed bags to one friend and the open bag to a neighbor. My friends kitties are fussy English Shorthairs from the ARL Boston. Of the three cats who ate my food, two were in Seventh Heaven and the third thought it was OK.

5 stars based on 1 reviews
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