SKOUTS HONOR Anti-Chew Spray

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  • DETER CHEWING, LICKING AND GNAWING: This natural bitter, Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray is a safe and effective way to help deter your pets from habitual chewing, biting and licking of hot spots, paws, and household items such as cages, furniture, power cords, shoes, clothing, bedding and more!
  • PET-SAFE, EFFECTIVE ANTI CHEW SPRAY: This formula contains natural ingredients with zero alcohol, for safe and effective anti-chew support, deterring your pets with natural bitters.
  • FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Skout's carefully formulated their Super Sour! Anti Chew Spray to be safely sprayed both indoors and outdoors on any surface you don’t want your pet chewing on.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY & SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS COMPANY:Skout’s Honor, is a team of pet-loving, dedicated individuals who share a common passion for making a positive difference in the world by offering environmentally-responsible and socially-conscious pet products you can trust. All products are also lovingly made in the USA.
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