RUFFWEAR Stash Bag Mini Basalt Gray

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These little details make a big difference on everyday walks: a grippy strike pad on the side for starting and opening pick-up bags, and a cinch loop for short hauling pick-up bags to the next garbage can.

The exterior stretch mesh pocket gives easy access to small items like a pick-up bag on deck or a key fob. It’s compatible with any type of pick-up bag and comes with 15 Earth Rated® bags.


  • Pick-up bag storage and dispensing system includes Earth Rated® roll with 15 bags

  • Exterior stretch-mesh pocket

  • Interior stretch-mesh organizing pocket for small essentials

  • Stable attachment with two buckle straps that attach to the handle and leash

  • Easy cinch for short hauling full pick-up bags between drop points

  • Grippy strike pad on side to easily start and open pick-up bags

  • Can be attached to hand-held or hands-free leashes


  • Hand wash
  • Mild detergent
  • Air dry
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