RUFFWEAR Lunker Campfire Orange

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Ruffwear has re-launched their popular Lunker fetch toy with more recycled/recyclable content and it's better than ever.  Just like classic hunting retrieving dummies, the Lunker is shaped like a log, and has a rope handle that makes it easy to pick up and toss.  The high denier polyester fabric is soft on teeth and gums, and the inner core of recycled/recyclable foam give it super high buoyancy in water.  Abrasian resistant. Designed for fetching but not for dedicated chewing!  Also available in Aurora Teal.  Size: 2.5 x 12 in (6 x 31 cm) 


  • Shell: 900 denier polyester
  • Foam: 3 mm fusion foam and 3 mm Atilon foam
  • Rope: 10 mm polypropylene kernmantle
  • Made in Vietnam


  • Hand wash
  • Mild Detergent
  • Air dry
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