RUFFWEAR Front Range Collar Blue Moon

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The Front Range Collar is an everyday dog collar – an essential in every canine's kit – with an easy-to-use side-release buckle. The ombré pattern gives a nod to the shifting hues of the nature-inspired colors that make up Ruffwear's Front Range™ Collection. It includes Ruffwear's signature collar features: an aluminum V-ring, separate ID tag attachment point, a silicone tag silencer, and strong and comfortable webbing that holds its color. KEY FEATURES Tubelok™ webbing is colorfast and long-wearing Easy-to-use side-release buckle Aluminum V-ring provides a secure leash attachment point Easily add or remove tags with Quick Ring™ Separate ID attachment point MATERIALS Webbing: 100% polyester Tubelok webbing Leash Connection Point: Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum V-ring Buckle: ITW Nexus Airloc side-release buckle Other: Silicone tag silencer Made in Vietnam Silicone tag silencer CARE Hand wash Mild detergent Air dry

SIZING Small- 11”-14” Medium- 14”-20” Large- 20”-24”

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