RUBY DOGS Calm Seas Dog Collar

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Your dog will enjoying these tranquil tones of sea foam, light olive, and celery in this beautiful collar.  These eco-friendly painted wooden beaded collars are as durable as they are beautiful.

Ruby's full-function collars are precision engineered and made in the USA with your best friend's comfort as our top priority. They use natural solid wooden beads, high tensile steel cable, and eco-friendly paint to create beautiful, full-function collars.  Say goodbye to chafing, hot spots, and sore necks. Unlike traditional collars Ruby's roll and don't rub.


S - 14.5"-17"

M - 16"-18.5"

M/L- 17.5"-20"

L- 19"-21.5"

XL - 20.5"-23"

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