ROVERLUND Leader of the Pack Poop Bag Holder Black and Yellow

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No matter how many times your pup needs to go number two on your morning walk, with poop bag holder you will have no worries and a stylish and convenient way to grab your poop bags in a jiffy.

  • Extra Storage: Fits two standard size poop bag rolls, so you're never empty-handed.
  • Reflective Detailing: For visibility and safe nighttime strolls.
  • Built-to-Last Materials: Tough-as-nails marine and mountaineering grade fabrics.
  • Signature Carabiner: Fast and easy attaching and detaching to a leash, carrier, tote, or anywhere you want to clip it.
  • Care Instructions: Wash by hand with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry.
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