PETS FIRST Red Sox Fenway Frank Dog Toy

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This fuzzy footlong looks just like the classic stadium snack and features your favorite MLB team’s logo. It’s pawfect for long games of catch with your best bud! Each toy includes four squeakers for extra innings of play. Plus, it’s made with ultra-soft fabric so your pup can snuggle up before the next game.


  • Plush dog toy features four built-in squeakers to make playtime even more exciting. Includes your Teams Logo! Perfect for supporting your favorite team!
  • Stuffing-free which means less worrying about stuffing messes during supervised play. Enjoy our new stadium food toy that is poly-filled and includes a squeaker!
  • Ultra-soft plush fabric makes it cuddly enough for snuggling up to for naps too. Perfect for your dog all sizes!
  • Toss it, launch it, squeak it—it’s the go-to toy for some jumbo-sized fun and to help keep your pup active.
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