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  • Proudly handcrafted in the USA, every set of PoochieBells is tested and quality inspected making them safer than inexpensive and imported alternatives. These 1.25” bells have a clear and distinct sound, so you'll be able to hear the ring and jingle throughout the house.
  • The only training doorbells made just for dogs. Manufactured in America, our custom bells are lead-free, reinforced for durability, smooth, and designed with the smallest possible openings to reduce the risk of catching a dog's nail. *We strongly encourage nose-to-bell training to further reduce the risk of injury to your dog.
  • No more scratching, unpleasant surprises, or doggy door installations. From Chihuahuas to Danes, PoochieBells dog bells conveniently and securely hang 26inches from any doorknob, handle or hook. A one-size-fits-all design, this potty training tool has 2 sets of bells to accommodate any age, breed, or size with no adjustment needed.
  • Potty train your puppy in days! We've teamed up with top Pet Professionals to create an effective dog training method with over a 95% success rate, making them true puppy essentials. Every Poochie Bells come complete with our expert-endorsed guide to help make puppy potty training fun and easy.
  • For more designs check out our PoochieBells storefront page to find the perfect pattern for your home. For rougher and tougher puppies, we recommend our Premium Cotton Webbing Collection for extra strength and durability.
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