POLKA DOG Wonder Nuggets Pork & Apple 10oz

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Succulent, buttery pork chop, we will never let you down.  We will not ask what you can do for us, but rather, what can we do for you? We will not forget that you crave apples with their tartness and their sweetness, apples so juicy, so bright.  Pork, you are a wonder.   Soft and so delicious, Pork & Apple Wonder nuggets, let the dogs howl their ode of gratitude: you are bite-sized nuggets of truth.

  • No corn, No wheat, No soy
  • Small Soft Nugget Size is Great for Training or Older Dogs
  • Taurine Rich Organ Meat 
  • Made in Boston, MA


Rolled Oats, Vegetable Glycerin, Barley Flour, Dried Apples, Dried Pork Liver

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (Min) 8%, 

Crude Fat (Min) 3%,

Crude Fiber (Max) 1%, 

Moisture (Max) 12%

3200 kcal/kg
4.8 kcal/treat

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