POLKA DOG Chicken Little Training Bites

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Polkadog are fans of the simple life. They approach their handmade treat creations the same way. Tiny in size but not in flavor, our three-ingredient Chicken Littles are perfect for the canine or feline that likes to keep it real. Polkadog uses only the highest quality, all-natural, U.S.-raised chicken breast, then mixes it with wholesome brown rice and a dash of potato flour. Dehydrated daily at their Boston Fish Pier kitchen, these chicken dog treats are as healthy and straightforward as it gets.


  • Crunchy bits ideal for training both dogs and cats
  • All-natural and limited ingredients
  • U.S.-raised chicken slowly dehydrated in Boston, MA 
  • Slowly Dehydrated
  • Perfect for Finicky Eaters
  • Dogs & Cats

chicken breast, brown rice, potato flour

Crude Protein (Min): 28%
Crute Fat (Min): 2%
Crude Fiber (Max): 1%
Moisture (Max): 5%

3740 kcal/kg
3 kcal/treat

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