! PLAYOLOGY All Natural Beef Scented Plush Crinkly Ring L

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This toy features an all-natural beef scent that can keep your playful pup engaged for longer periods of time than an unscented toy. It features a built-in squeaker, and is reinforced for durability, to make play sessions more exciting and longer-lasting. Plus, it’s available in two mouthwatering scents, allowing you to find the combination that best suits your dog’s taste.


  • Made of a soft corduroy outer shell, diamond quilting, a bite-resistant middle layer, and mesh inner layer.
  • Crinkle material throughout helps keep canines’ attention.
  • Combines all-natural scents with softer materials for more comfortable chewing.
  • As your dog chews, scent particles are released to keep them happy and playing.
  • Easy to clean, and encapsiscent technology makes it so you won’t wash away the scent.
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